Ancestral Tourists

Planning to visit Scotland to find out about your Scottish ancestors?

We can provide advice and guidance to help you prepare in advance for your visit. We offer a unique online consultation service to help you get started.

When you arrive in Scotland, we will meet you  to discuss your priorities for your visit and offer a range of  strategies to ensure you make the most effective use of your time in Scotland.

We can organise supported visits to major record repositories and archives and will work with you if required to help you gain experience in the use of a variety of records.

We can also assist in arranging travel and accommodation if you would like to visit the areas where your ancestors lived.

Do you need advice and support in taking your research further?

We provide a range of high quality professional services to assist you in all aspects of family history research including:

•    Recording your research
•    Producing family history reports and charts
•    Writing family history books
•    House histories
•    Training courses and workshops

Like to know more?

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements