What our clients say

Here are some recent comments about us:

From our recent webinars, in conjunction with Legacy Family Tree:
  • Excellent presentation - great information. Fabulous delivery. Thanks!
  • Extremely useful information for anyone looking for their Scottish Ancestors. There are so many sites claiming to have the records we need that is can be overwhelming. Was great to hear what the experts recommend.
  • I have taken a course in this topic and she covered more than I learned in that class. I took a whole page of notes. Thank you. Excellent
  • Super for anyone researching their Scots Ancestry!
  • This is the most impressive webinar yet! Marie had oodles & gobs of resources to recommend. Bravo!!!!!!
  • Wow! I had no idea there were so many scotish resources available.

Comments from clients:

"I am writing to thank you for
all the work you did on our family history. We were amazed that you were able to research it back for so many generations. And the wealth of information was marvellous, all fully detailed and referenced! I have spoken to friends about your professionalism and service. Many of them are intigued, and I hope I might be able to pass on you contact details, with my highest recommendations."
AA Perthshire, Scotland

" I was delighted to receive the wealth of information on my ancestral past which Marie was able to source. To have this information compiled and delivered in an ordered and coherent fashion, is fascinating and our whole family has been enthralled by it. It has led on to further investigation by family members which has resulted in an 'unearthing' of photographs, old film footage and documents which only enrich this sense of past, present and future and family bonds..........I would totally recommend the services of Ancestral Consultants if you are at all interested in your past and the vibration that that bestows on your present and your family's future."
H.P Aberdeenshire, Scotland

" I could feel the hairs standing up on the back of my neck as Marie showed me a digital copy of my great-grandparent's marriage certificate. From one small document I learned so much, who was there, where they lived,  what they did in life and that was just the beginning. The information was just bursting from the page but, almost like a foreign language, I needed Marie's expertise and direction to translate and further research through each of the doors that started to open. What a wonderful and exciting journey through your own past history. It can be documented in a number of creative ways to give you a record of where you have come from. A legacy to be passed on to my own children and possible future grandchildren? Start your journey here! "
 LC, Perthshire,Scotland

" Just to say many thanks for your help in tracing my family.  I had tried many times, but thanks to you trying various spellings of the name, you came up trumps. Just getting the certificates meant the world to me.   I never thought pieces of paper could make me an emotional wreck!
BS, Glasgow, Scotland

" You've done a great job!"
RF Australia