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Are you interested in planning to visit Scotland to trace your ancestors?

We can provide individual advice and support to help you get started on your research and make sure you are well prepared for your visit.

We offer strategies for making the most effective use of your time in Scotland.

This includes information and visits to major record repositories and archives.

We can also assist in arranging travel and accommodation if you would like to visit the areas where your ancestors lived.

Do you need advice and support in taking your research further?

We provide a range of high quality professional services to assist you in all aspects of family history research including:

•    Recording your research
•    Producing family history reports and charts
•    Writing family history books
•    House histories
•    Training courses and workshops

Like to know more?

Contact us for a free individual consultation.

Intensive Course
We are now in the final stages of planning the first of our intensive, residential courses. Imagine up to 4 days with other enthusiastic family history researchers!  This experience will greatly build your research skills and experience - find out more here.

Gift Vouchers

Are you stuck for an idea for a special present? 

What about giving a special gift of a family history, family tree or a genealogy training workshop?

Our gift vouchers can be used to pay for any of our services - research, family history books, training courses and consultancy.

Please  click here for details of this unique present.

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